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GetData UK

Planned maintenance to Creditsafe's services

Maintenance Planned

Dear Customer,

The Creditsafe GetData APIs (https://api.creditsafe.com) will have their certificate upgraded on Thursday 26th of August 2021 at 08:00 UK time.

We recommend that you make sure this information reaches your IT department or corresponding function.
Many of our customers will not notice this upgrade, but it all depends on how your internal system is configured to interact with our GetData API. Creditsafe unfortunately has no way to see exactly which customers this will affect.

What needs to be done?
Customers need to investigate if their system will be affected by the coming certificate upgrade and if so, take necessary actions to update their system using the attached certificates. Please make sure that the certificates are installed on all systems consuming Creditsafe’s GetData web services to be able to continue successful communication with the GetData API.

Below is a link to obtain the new SSL certificate for our GetData API (api.creditsafe.com). Along with it there are also the root and intermediate certificates which are also changing.


At the above URL you will find links for certificates related to api.creditsafe.com. In the row “Valid 06/08/2021 to 07/08/2022” the P7B link contains a certificate bundle which includes three different certificates.

  1. “USERTrust RSA Certification Authority” - The root certificate
  2. ”Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA” - The intermediate certificate
  3. ”api.creditsafe.com” - Certificate specifically issued for api.creditsafe.com

Please note there is a change of intermediate and root certificates which may impact you so please ensure these are also installed on your side.

• Certificate number 1 and 2 can be installed today but will need to be installed at Thursday 26th of August at 08:00 UK time at the latest. If you already have a corresponding intermediate certificate from Sectigo installed you will not need to install these as well. When certificate number 1 and 2 is installed it’s likely you will not need to do any update on Thursday 26th.
• For certificate number 3 it’s possible that you don’t need to install it at all if certificates number 1 and 2 are installed, this depends on your internal environment. If certificate number 3 needs to be installed we recommend that you do this simultaneously with Creditsafe’s upgrade on Thursday 26th of August at 08:00 UK time) to avoid any interruptions in the connection to our GetData API web service.

We believe that most customers that will need to install certificate number 3 are running on a Java environment or an older system. Please see this as an example from us since we can’t be sure.

What if you still have questions?
If you have any questions regarding this update, please email ukintegrationsupport@creditsafeuk.com. Please note that Creditsafe will not be able to decide whether you need to install this certificate or not.

Kind Regards
The Creditsafe Team